Is Scaffold Safety a Priority at your Job Site?

Does your Scaffolding system meet the safety requirements of  the OSHA Fall Protection Program?

As of January 2012, the federal government mandated a new fall protection program nation-wide. Since that time some states have adopted their own versions of an OSHA fall protection program, but in some form or fashion the construction industry has changed forever.

Because the fall protection had not been at the forefront of thought until the mandated regulations were implemented, the products available to the construction industry were deficient.

Is the Scaffolding equipment you are currently using safe?

Star Speed Scaffold, LLC was started for the specific purpose of streamlining the fall protection industry and bringing a user-friendly approach to the science of safety.

Revolutionary Patented technology makes scaffold construction safer and easier to install.

The Star Speed Scaffold system is designed for safety and speed. The Star Speed Scaffold is unique in that it does not require a ladder for installation (except at shear wall location) and is approximately twice as fast to install than any other bracket scaffold.

The Star Speed B-1,000 and the TP1000 install from the outside and do not encumber the top plate in order to install all frieze blocking and diaphragm nailing of the same.

The professional qualified construction manager that uses the Star Speed Scaffold System agrees to the following: Classes and training are recommended before use. The Star Speed Scaffold System is design in accordance with OSHA 1926 L bracket scaffold specifications.

  • Safety is the number one priority
  • The people using the Star Speed products are properly trained to install and are familiar with all local codes and methods of wood frame construction
  • A qualified person will inspect and document such on a daily basis and will remove any product that has been damaged by dropping, running over, or any other act that will compromise the integrity of the product
  • Will always have a trained, qualified person overseeing the installation and dismantling of the Star Speed Scaffold system

The company or persons installing any of the Star Speed products must designate a person who has been trained specifically for our products and is experienced and competent to recognize potential safety hazards. The specific role of the Safety Director or monitor is to make safety the company‚Äôs priority and will have no other responsibilities that may detract from their responsibility.

The Safety Director or monitor shall be in proximity to oversee the project and employees from the same work platform or scaffold and be close enough to communicate without anything more than voice commands. The Safety Director or monitor shall have authority and be willing to be responsible for firing anyone under their jurisdiction who will not comply with the safety procedures or distracts others from the job of safety before all else.

Star Speed Scaffold recommends a hands-on demonstration and a consulting period when using our products for the first time. In addition, Star Speed recommends the companies that purchase and use our products to use an outside safety engineer as a consultant to help integrate a safety program from the ground up of the entire company, regardless of the type of business.

Star Speed Scaffold, LLC, is committed to bringing to market, products that will create a safer job-site and ultimately make the worker safer. Along with creating a safer job-site, our products, when used properly, will increase productivity.