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Easy Installation
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The fastest and safest wall bracket scaffold available.

Star Speed Scaffold saves time, money,
and most importantly…Lives!

The OSHA Fall Protection Program Has Changed the Construction and Scaffolding Industries Forever!

Back in 2012, the new OSHA fall protection program left many scaffold manufacturers and builders wondering how they can improve the safety of their scaffolding equipment while keep the cost and speed of installation down.

If you are in the construction industry you should be extremely careful when purchasing scaffolding equipment that may be outdated or not in compliance with the new OSHA rules. Using unsafe scaffolding equipment puts your workers at risk as well places you in a serious legal and liability situation.

When it comes to purchasing Scaffolding Equipment what should you be considering?

  • Safety First
  • Speed of Installation
  • Increased productivity

All 3 of the above factors when implemented save you money.

Are Their Any Scaffolding Companies that can help carpenters, framers, roofers, and construction companies that can achieve all 3?

Finding a scaffolding company that can provide scaffolds that meet all the OSHA compliance standards and can still be cost effective in terms of installation and increased productivity is nearly impossible. In most cases you must sacrifice one for the other.

Revolutionary Patented technology makes wall bracket scaffold construction safer and easier to install.

Star Speed Scaffold, LLC  based in Arizona, was started for the specific purpose of streamlining the fall protection industry and bringing a user-friendly approach to the science of scaffold safety.

The Star Speed Scaffold system is designed for safety and speed. Our wall bracket scaffold is so unique that it does not require a ladder for installation (except at shear wall location) and is approximately twice as fast to install than any other bracket scaffold.

Learn more about the Star Speed Scaffold Installation Requirements.

Star Speed Scaffold is already on the Job!

Star Speed Scaffold is currently being used to protect workers on some of the following builders projects;

  • Meritage Homes
  • Toll Brothers
  • Standard Pacific Homes
  • Trend Homes

To find out more about how you can increase safety and productivity on the job contact Star Speed Scaffold in Arizona.

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